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  1. Mu Ge.

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    Published: 2013 by JiaZaZhi Press
    Category: Limited edition
    Details: Hardcover, dust jacket, 57 black & white plates, 112 pages, 215 x 276 mm
    Languages: English & simplified Chinese
    ISBN: 978-988-12631-2-4

    Edition of 600 copies. Signed and numbered

    In his series of black-and-white images Going Home, completed over five years between 2005 and 2010, photographer Mu Ge explores the impact of industrialization on his hometown of Chongqing and the nearby regions along the Yangtze River. Today this is the fastest growing urban centre on the planet and in Going Home he documents the human and environmental cost of this industrial expansion, especially for those communities displaced by construction of the Three Gorges Dam, completed in 2006.

    Mu’s black-and-white treatment gives an elegiac poignancy to many of his portraits in which the people appear bewildered or stunned to silence. The landscape is a persistent theme yet one in which a tension seems to exist between man and nature. Heaps of rotting concrete and vistas of churned mud enforce this feeling of dislocation and perhaps suggest a population for whom the environment has become a hostile or alien place, heavy with loss and decay. In other images forests and dramatic river valleys are shown shrouded in heavy mists, as if a half-remembered, distant memory.

    This emotional and spiritual force also informs the artist’s subsequent series, entitled Ash, which Mu describes as an attempt to refresh his memory of the natural world.

    The artist:
    Mu Ge was born in 1979 in Chongqing and graduated from Sichuan Normal University in 2004 with a degree in Broadcasting and Television Directing.

    He has held solo exhibitions at Zen Photo Gallery in Tokyo and Anastasia Photo Gallery in New York and has participated in festivals including PhotoOff 2011 (Paris), Savignano Immagini – La Fotografia 2010 (Italy), Caochangdi PhotoSpring 2010 (Beijing) Arles Photography Festival (2010) and Format International Photography Festival Biennale 2009 (UK). His work was also included in the group exhibition Rising Dragon: Contemporary Chinese Photography at the Katonah Museum, New York (25 Mar-2 Sept, 2012), Krannert Art Museum, Illinois (12 Oct-30 Dec, 2012) and San Jose Museum of Art (2 Feb-30 June, 2013). In 2011 he was nominated for the Foam Paul Huf Award in the Netherlands.

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