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  1. CHEN MAN:WORKS 2003-2010

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    Publisher: 3030Press (2010)
    Category: Limited edition
    Details: Softcover, dust jacket, 94 colour plates, 160 pages, 290 × 235 mm
    Languages: English, French & simplified Chinese
    ISBN: 978-988-99384-2-0


    This beautifully produced monograph, completed in close collaboration with the artist, is the first and so far only survey of the work of Chen Man, China’s most celebrated female photographer.

    Chen first achieved notoriety in 2003 when she made a series of ground-breaking covers for the design and arts magazine Vision magazine. Although still a student at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, the pictures she made crashed the conservatism of China’s media industry and captured the atmosphere of an art scene undergoing profound transformation.

    Chen made eight covers for Vision. Each image is based on a studio photograph that is digitally enhanced in post production. Yet it is her combination of a range motifs, from home and abroad, that best characterizes her style, from Mickey Mouse and Manga, to the Three Gorges Dam and the Great Wall. It is a style that Chen has refined over her career but continues to characterise her work.

    Chen has produced photo shoots for international magazines including Vogue, Bazaar, Esquire, Cosmopolitan and Modern Weekly, among many others. As a result, Chen’s career tracks the development of China’s media and art industries and the points where the two converge. In just over a decade, Chen has become one of China’s most successful commercial photographers, and is China’s most successful female photographer ever.

    This monograph, the first and so far only survey of Chen Man’s career, traces the artist's work for some of the world’s best-known magazines and international brands as well as images shown at museums and galleries around the world. Text by Karen Smith, one of the world’s leading experts on contemporary Chinese art, place the artist in context and provide an insight into her working processes and inspirations.

    Chen Man: Works 2003-2010 includes a foreword by the Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Liu Heung-shing. It is designed by the award-winning graphic designer Javin Mo, founder of Milkxhake design unit in Hong Kong

    About the author
    Karen Smith is a British art historian specializing in contemporary Chinese art in the post-Mao era. She has written widely on the subject for numerous journals and exhibition catalogues and is the author several books including Ai Weiwei (Phaidon, 2009) and Nine Lives: The Birth of Avant-Garde Art in New China (Scalo, 2006, Timezone 8, 2008). She was also a contributing author for China: Portrait of a Country (Taschen, 2008). Her curatorial work includes the exhibitions The Real Thing at the Tate Gallery, Liverpool (2007) and The Chinese: Photography and Video Art from China at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (2004). She has lived in Beijing since 1992.

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