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    Publisher: 3030Press (2006)
    Category: Survey
    Details: Flexicover, 191 images, 206 pages, 240 × 185 mm
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-988-99384-0-5

    “A provocative nod to the spirit of individualism.” - Art Review.

    “Brings a sense of the dynamism and variety that characterizes this generation.” - Phil Tinari, Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art

    Published in 2006, this fully illustrated survey of 30 of China's brightest photographers under 30 shows a new generation of artists, less burdened by ideology and immersed in the economic and social changes that have transformed their country over the past few decades.

    From international contemporary artists and photo journalists to video makers and web bloggers, the images reveal a diverse range of photographic practice that reflects the influence not only of tradition and politics, but also foreign media channels, growing consumerism and the development of a home-grown pop culture combining TV, movies, advertising, music and fashion.

    More than five years on since it was first published 3030: New Photography in China provides a valuable record of the kinds of themes and ideas that were shaping an entirely new generation of young artists that were emerging. Today, many of the artists featured in this publication, including Cao Fei, Birdhead, Lin Zhipeng and Chen Wei, have go on to become established figures in China’s contemporary art world. For these and many others 3030: New Photography in China was the first opportunity for international audiences to see their work.

    Essays by Ou Ning, one of China’s leading writers on art and culture, and Prof. Gu Zheng of Fudan University in Shanghai, introduce the photographers and their work. For students and enthusiasts of China and photography 3030: New Photography in China is a unique and fascinating time capsule of China’s developing creative identity.

    The editor:
    John Millichap is a writer, curator and the founder of 3030Press publishing. He has lived in China since 1995 and has written about Asian contemporary art and culture for numerous publications, including the International Herald Tribune and the South China Morning Post. In 2013 he is co-editor of the book New Photography in China 2 (3030 Press).

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