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    Edited by Javin Mo

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    Publisher: 3030Press (2008)
    Category: Survey
    Details: Flexicover, 200 images, 204 pages, 240 × 185 mm
    Languages: English & simplified Chinese
    ISBN: 978-988-99384-1-3

    Japanese Manga, Iron Curtain-era Central European Surrealism, Dutch photo-montage and US conceptualism mixed with local palettes and imagery. - Steven Heller, ID

    The most fortunate and creative establishment of graphic designers China has ever seen. - Liam Fitzpatrick, Time

    This fully illustrated survey presents the work of 30 of mainland China’s most exciting graphic design studios and design professionals aged around 30, from poster, packaging and book design to illustration and environmental installation. As China’s economy has become stronger a new generation of young designers has blossomed. Today, they are the creators of a new kind of Chinese visual identity, one that looks to traditional Chinese culture at the same time as it looks to modern themes and ideas from design practice around the world.

    The works included are provocative, thought provoking, playful and experimental. 3030: New Graphic Design in China highlights the ideas behind a new creative identity in China. It is something in which the opportunities of astounding economic development combine with the legacies of tradition and ideology. Introductory essays portray a new wave of progressive designers who see their future in very different terms to that of any preceding generation in modern China. For those interested in the practice of graphic design now “3030 New Graphic Design in China” gives a unique and exciting snapshot of one of Asia’s emerging powerhouses of creative innovation.

    About The Editor
    Javin Mo is the creative director of milkxhake, a Hong Kong-based design unit that he co-founded in 2005. From 2004 to 2005 he was the art director for Fab, the Fabrica quarterly magazine at the Benetton research centre for communication in Treviso, Italy.

    Javin’s work has been shown at design competitions including the Tokyo Type Directors Club Awards (2004-2006) and the Hong Kong Designers Association Awards (2005-2007). In 2006 he received the Young Guns 5 Award at the New York Art Directors Club Annual Awards.

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