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    Publisher: 3030Press (2016)
    Category: Monograph
    Details: Hardcover, 92 pages, 60 colour plates, 267 x 250 mm
    Language: English and simplified Chinese
    ISBN: 978-989-99384-8-2

    Introduction by Dr Wenny Teo, Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London.

    Vibrant, playful and intricately constructed, the paintings of Sun Chan seek fresh ways of interpreting Chinese characters. Born in Peru in 1932, Chan turned to art while living in Japan as a way to interest his young daughters in the Chinese language. Over the years, his sketches and paintings developed to become highly refined patterns of colour and form in which are embedded single or multiple Chinese characters, often signifying a virtuous principle or key tenets of Chinese culture.

    In this sense, Chan’s oeuvre is different from the socio-political experimentations of other Chinese artists, such as Xu Bing and Gu Wenda, who have similarly sought to deconstruct Chinese written signs. By contrast, Chan’s work is concerned with restoring to language its fundamental communicability through decorative, craft-like forms. Indeed, Chan’s paintings are unapologetically rooted in the domestic and everyday; intimating a sense of wonder and a yearning for cultural identification and transmission that powerfully underlies the fraught experience of the Chinese diaspora.

    The art of Sun Chan has been shown at exhibitions in Asia and Europe, including most recently Le Passion des caracteres chinois -- L'art de Sun Chan at the Chinese Cultural Centre, Paris (26 August - 8 September, 2016). Sun Chan – Word Into Art is the first survey of the artist’s painting and is published in association with Artwow, Hong Kong.

    "[Sun Chan] has given his imagination free rein and in so doing has created works of great originality from a script that is an everyday part of life for Chinese people."
    Chen Yongqiang, Director, Chinese Artists Association

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