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  1. Zhu Mo.

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    Published: JiaZazhi Press (2014)
    Category: Limited edition
    Details: Hardcover, clothbound, 44 pages, 65 colour and black and white plates, 250 x 340 mm
    Languages: English & simplified Chinese
    ISBN: 978-986-12631-5-5


    In his first print project Beijing photographer Zhu Mo explores the idea of personal narratives through his semi-autobiographical photo series, Bright, Bright Day (2012). Consistent with his previous collections such as Drift Sand (2008) and Northway (2009), a series of images of long-distance train travellers, the artist’s focus is on the glimpsed, overlooked, intimate and interior. The images are frequently reminiscent of family snaps – of day trips and time at home with the family – and are arranged to suggest a series of intertwining and open-ended narratives. The concise familiarity of the situations portrayed provides an immediate and intimate connection and the viewer is led to consider the gentle lyricism of the everyday. Moreover, the precise positioning of the images on the page and their sequence through the book suggests a kind of visual poetry. The English title of this series is taken from a photo book of the same name by the Russian filmmaker Andrey Tarkovsky (1938-1986).

    About the artist
    Zhu Mo 朱墨 was born in 1984 in Changsha, Hunan province, and graduated from Hunan Normal University (2003-2007) with a degree in Computer Science and Technology. His work has been shown in China at exhibitions such as Photography Like Adventure (2008) at Beijing OPPFX institute and Bonfire – Young Chinese Photographers (2009) at Zhejiang Empty Space Gallery in Ningbo. In 2012 his series Bright, Bright Day was shortlisted for the Three Shadows Photography Award. He lives in Beijing and is a picture editor for Bloomberg Media.

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