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    Published: 2010 by Lin Zhipeng (aka 223)
    Category: Limited edition
    Details: Softcover, 118 colour plates, 120 pages, 230 x 175 mm
    Languages: English & simplified Chinese

    The third in 223’s series of self-published photo books presents selected works by the artist from 2006 to 2007, from his now signature documentary-style images of Beijing and Guangzhou’s club land cool crowd to travel photography in Thailand and elsewhere in China. Many of the images have been shown at photo festivals and gallery exhibitions at home and overseas.

    About the Artist
    Lin Zhipeng, better known by the online handle 223, is one of the best known of the so-called '80's generation' of young artists whose emergence in the early 2000s brought a new freshness and spontaneity to China's contemporary art scene.

    223 was born in 1979 in Shantou City in Guangdong province. After graduating in 2000 from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with a degree in Business English he began his career as an editor, reporting on fashion and youth trends for magazines such as City Pictorial and Modern Weekly. The experience placed him at the centre of Guangzhou's booming club and underground gay scene which provided the inspiration for his earliest images.

    Like many photographers of his generation 223’s images initially appeared online and it was not until 2005 that the first offline presentation of his work took place at the Pingyao International Photography Festival. The following year he was included in Selfhood – Absent Minded at the Lianzhou International Photography Festival. The exhibition, curated by Shi Hantao, was the first to recognize the emergence of a new wave of young Chinese photographers whose interests and approach were frequently at odds with the preceding generation, most of who were products of China's art academy system.

    Since then 223’s work has been shown around the world at festivals and gallery exhibitions including FUCK OFF 2 (2013) at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, Box II: The Cruelty of Youth (2011) at the White Space Collection in New York City and the first edition of the seminal touring exhibition Get It Louder (2007), a platform for emerging creativity in China curated by the critic and writer Ou Ning, which toured venues in Beijing and Shanghai. In 2010 the artist moved to Beijing where he is now based.
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