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    Limited edition photo series

    Our Price:  $2,410.00

    Title: 1+ (-1) Miracle #14
    Date: 2013
    Artist: Han Meichao 韩美钞

    Dimensions: 450 x 1100 mm (image); 530 x 1180 mm (image + border)
    Materials: Digital archive print on Canson Rag Photographique, 310 gsm
    Packaging: Unframed in archival portfolio, wrapped in acid-free paper

    Edition of 5, signed, dated and numbered

    About This Series
    Yamdrok Lake, literally the ‘Green Jade Lake on the Pasture’, lies just over 100km southwest of Lhasa on the southern Tibetan Plateau. Since the 8th century it has drawn pilgrims from across China, India and Central Asia. For the Chinese photographer Han Chao, who travelled to Yamdrok in 2011, it holds particular importance, both as the inspiration for his newest series of works and as a talisman of rebirth and renewal.

    Best known for his complex autobiographical exploration of life on Beijing’s gay scene, this new series, entitled Nomad Soul, marks a dramatic evolution of the artist’s creative practice and the latest stage in his ongoing exploration of the self.

    Images such as 1+(-1) Miracle 14 (2013), which is based on a photograph taken at Yamdrok Lake, are emblematic of this change. The picture takes the form of a wide panorama in which a crenellated line of distant mountains divides stormy skies from low scrubby hills and the turquoise waters of Yamdrok below. A closer look, however, reveals the work is in fact composed of right-and-left mirror images of the same shot. The use of this technique is repeated through the series and serves to amplify the natural drama of the scene. In so doing the tension between light and dark, colours and textures, and the formal arrangement of vertical and horizontal space can be read not only as a metaphor for the opposing forces of harmony and chaos, but also for the artist’s struggle with his own sense of identity.

    This online collection is the first presentation of Han Chao’s new works which are available to buy exclusively at

    About This Artist
    Han Meichao was born in 1982 in Liaoning province in northeast China and studied Photography at Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in Shenyang (2005-2009). As a student he had begun to build his profile with a collection of images that describe his experiences on the local gay scene. But it was his move to Beijing in 2009 that reinforced his conviction to pursue art seriously.

    In its guerilla style and candid tone Han’s work of this period has much in common with that of other gay artists in China such as 223 and Ren Hang. At their best, however, his pictures achieve a far more complex psychological depth that reflects a persistent questioning of his experience of difference and ‘otherness’, themes which continue to inform his art practice.

    Han Chao’s photography has been widely shown in China and Europe including at the exhibitions God gave the first revelation (2013) at the Museum of World Cultures in Gothenburg, Sweden, Eight and half -- Exhibition of 10 Contemporary Photographers (2012) in Prato, Italy, and Boys’ World (2011) at Zen Photo Gallery in Beijing and Tokyo. His work has been presented at photo festivals including the Seventh Lianzhou International Photography Festival (2011), the Hong Kong International Photography Festival (2010) and the Pingyao International Photography Festival (2009). In 2011 his series Take care of yourself tonight (2011), was nominated for the Third Hou Dengke Documentary Photography Award, a non-government award set up to highlight contemporary society in China. In 2009 he was named Young Photographer of the Year by Xitek online photography magazine in China. He lives in Shanghai.

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