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    Xiong Xiaomo

    Limited edition photo series

    Our Price:  $1,100.00

    Title: When Fears Were Fictions #19 (Shanghai), 2009
    Artist: Xiong Xiaomo 熊小默

    Dimensions: 750 x 750 mm (image) 762 x 762 mm (image + border)
    Materials: Digital archive print on Canson Etching Rag, 310 gsm
    Packaging: Unframed in archival portfolio, wrapped in acid-free paper

    Edition of 8, signed, dated and numbered

    About This Series
    In Isaac Asimov’s celebrated short story Nightfall a distant civilization lives on a world of perpetual daylight. Its citizens have never known darkness yet following a rare solar eclipse that brings a few hours of night the population is so traumatized that its society collapses in anarchy and madness. The story was first published in 1941 as the Second World War gathered pace, yet for the photographer Xiong Xiaomo Asimov’s vision of a civilization in crisis today seems more prescient than ever and provides the key inspiration for his dramatic series of night-time cityscapes When Fears Were Fictions.

    Begun in 2008, the series focuses on Shanghai and Beijing as emblematic of the cycles of destruction and renewal that have transformed the character of urban life in China. His subjects are often down-at-heel housing blocks, construction sites, decaying docklands and shabby industrial zones, beyond which can be seen the brilliant lights of vast construction sites and ultra-modern tower blocks. The sense of urgent transformation is magnified where long exposure times give dramatic intensity to nocturnal colours and an exaggerated impression of scale. This intensity is heightened by the works’ powerful geometry which in some examples almost achieves abstraction. The result is a series of cityscapes that tremor with relentless energy and moral uncertainty.

    Works in this series are available exclusively to buy at 3030PRESS ARTWORKS. For further information contact

    About The Artist
    Xiong Xiaomo was born in 1982 in Shanghai and attended the Publishing College of Shanghai University of Science and Technology. From 2006 to 2010 he was chief editor of MZone magazine and in 2012 he was appointed founding editor-in-chief of iWeekly online magazine published by Modern Media, China’s largest privately held publishing group.

    Xiong’s photography has been profiled in magazines including GQ China, Surface (China edition) and The Outlook magazine. His work has been presented in exhibitions including 1981 (2007) at ZhengDa Gallery in Shanghai; Campfire – Young Chinese Photographers (2009) at No Space Gallery in Ningbo; the Lianzhou International Photography Festival 2010, and Tora, Tora, Tora – Chinese Cutting-Edge Photography (2010) at the Caochangdi PhotoSpring festival in Beijing. In 2010 he received an Honorable Mention at the Epson Color Imaging Competition in Shanghai. His work is featured in the book Here Comes the Night (Thiaps, 2010).

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