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  1. 223 (Lin Zhipeng).

    Limited edition photo series

    Our Price:  $1,280.00

    Title: Digital Groove & Emma (2006)
    Artist: Lin Zhipeng (林 志鹏) aka 223

    Dimensions: 700 x 470 mm (image); 780 x 550 mm (image + border)

    Materials: Digital archive print on Epson Hot Press art paper, 265 gsm
    Packaging: Unframed in archival portfolio, wrapped in acid-free paper

    Limited edition print of 10 copies, signed, dated and numbered.

    About The Artist
    LOVE, SEX, GENDER and the spaces in-between are key themes in the unique and idiosyncratic career of Lin Zhipeng, one of the best known of the so-called '80's generation' whose emergence in the early 2000s brought a new freshness and spontaneity to China's contemporary art scene

    Better known by the online handle 223, Lin first attracted media attention for his candid explorations of Guangzhou's booming clubland and underground gay scene. Part snapshot documentary and part posed re-creation, such pictures contain a loose spontaneity and intimacy that has become his signature style and reflects the early influence of magazines such as I-D and Dazed & Confused, in which he was profiled, and the work of overseas artists such as Nan Goldin, Nobuyoshi Araki and Wolfgang Tillmans. Like Tillmans, the non-hierarchical, indefinite character of his work lends itself to repeated editing and re-assembling of images and as a result is often best seen in the series of self-published photo books he has produced since 2006.

    In this way 223 is unique. As much as his photography offers a different encounter with New China his evolving art book practice offers fresh possibilities for experiencing the image beyond the studio or gallery. Today he can rightly be seen as a pioneer whose spirit of independence and experimentation influences an entirely new generation of young artists in China.

    Works in this series are available exclusively to buy at 3030PRESS ARTWORKS. For further information contact us at

    爱、性与性别及其中的空间是林志鹏独特迥异的事业的关键词。林志鹏,所谓 “80 后” 当中最著名的其中之一,在 21 世纪初期他的出现给中国当代艺术景观带来了新鲜性和自发性。

    林志鹏,或更以其网名编号 223 著称,最早获得媒体关注是因为他对于广州兴起的俱乐部区和地下同性恋组织的直接探索。他的照片部分是快照式的记录,部分有艺术的再创造,其中蕴含着随意的自发性和亲密行为成为他标签式的风格,折射出他早期受到 I-DDazed & Confused 杂志以及国外艺术家例如南戈尔丁、荒木经惟和沃尔夫冈•提尔曼斯的作品的影响。与沃尔夫冈 • 提尔曼斯一样,他作品中无等级的模糊的形象导致他的作品不断重复编辑和重组,因此他的作品更宜一系列的通过他自 2006 年开始自费出版的摄影书来观看。

    这就是编号 223 的独特之处。他的作品不仅提供了新中国的不同印象,他的摄影书也有助于探索除工作室和画廊以外的观看影像的可能性。今天,他大可被看作凭借独立精神和实验精神引领整个中国新生代艺术家的人。

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