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    Publisher: Three Shadows Press Ltd (2008)
    Category: Exhibition catalogue
    Details: Boxed set, five booklets, softcover, 171 x 118 mm each
    Languages: English & simplified Chinese
    ISBN: 978-988-99667-4-4

    Volume 1: Qiu, The Daydreams of Qiu, 59 black & white plates, 128 pages
    Volume 2: Adou, Samalada, 60 black & white plates, 128 pages
    Volume 3: Lu Yanpeng, Falling Away, 46 black & white plates, 96 pages
    Volume 4: Cai Weidong, Landscapes, 30 black & white plates, 40 pages
    Volume 5: Outward Expressions, Inward Reflections, 76 pages

    The exhibition Outward Expressions, Inward Reflections, which opened on March 1, 2008, was the second large-scale exhibition to be held at the Three Shadows Photography Arts Centre in Beijing, and took place to celebrate the launch of the inaugural Three Shadows Photography Award, intended to highlight emerging photographic talent from mainland China. Curated by Zhang Lizhuan, art director of Three Shadows, the exhibition profiles the work of four young Chinese artists whose work in different ways addresses ideas of space, geography and identity.

    Four booklets in this beautifully produced boxed set present in-depth selections of work by the participating artists plus biographical information. A fifth volume includes introductory text by the curator plus interviews with each of the artists by Zhang Lizhuan and Rong Rong, founder of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.

    The artists:
    Adou (b.1973) is from Mianyang in Sichuan province and graduated in 1995 from the Fine Art Department of Sichuan Aba Normal College in Chengdu. In her celebrated black and white series, Samlada, she documents the ethnic minority people of Da Liang Mountain, known as "Samlada", in western Sichuan province near the border with Thailand and Myanmar. The world she reveals in this stunning collection of portraits and landscapes is one far removed from the bustle of China’s financial and industrial centres. Here, life is hard and is lived, as it has been done for generations, among the mountains, forests and rivers of this rugged land. The photographer does not sentimentalize her subject yet her empathy is evident in the powerful human dimension of these photographs. Adou’s Samlada series has been shown at exhibitions in China and Japan. Among various awards and commendations, in 2007 she was recipient of the Top 10 Documentary Award presented by the Women in Photography International Institute in the United States. She lives in Guangzhou.

    Qiu (b.1974) is from Pingyuan in Guangdong province. The black and white images collected in DayDreams of Qiu are the result of several years work and combine a variety of themes and ideas than range from landscape photography and still life to portraiture and off the cuff documentary. Seen together in series the works have a hallucinatory quality that combines elements of dream, memory and nightmare. Qiu has shown his work at various exhibitions in China and overseas, including the solo exhibition Sleepwalker – Qiu, at the Rencontres d’Arles festival (2007) in France. He lives in Guangzhou.

    Cai Weidong (b.1978) is from Tianshui in Gansu province and graduated in 2002 from the Beijing Film Academy. In Landscape Cai juxtaposes different self-shot black & whites images, including still lifes, street documentary and staged vignettes, which he then manipulates in post production to suggest the fading and patina of age. The series references ideas of memory and nostalgia, yet the inclusions of contemporary street scenes disrupt this simple flow. The result is a series of abstract, sometimes violent narratives that subvert the idea of the past as an idealized safe haven from the present. Cai’s work has been shown at numerous group exhibitions and photo festivals in China. In 2005 he was recipient of the Best Creative Photography Award at the Fifth Pingyao International Photography Festival (2005). He lives in Beijing.

    Lu Yanpeng (b.1984) is from Zhangzhou in Fujian province and graduated in 2005 from the Art Institute of Fujian Normal University. In her series Falling Away, Lu creatives mini tableaux using friend as models, which she photographs at night cavorting naked among tress and fields in the moonlight. Further images in the collection show monks and priests and the paraphernalia of religious rituals. The impression is of secret rituals and atavistic darkness, a sensation heightened by the blurry focus, and deep shadows of her black and white pictures. She lives in Beijing.

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