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    Publisher: Three Shadows Press Ltd (2011)
    Category: Exhibition catalogue
    Details: Softcover, 123 plates, 132 pages, 200 x 200 mm
    Languages: English & simplified Chinese
    ISBN: 978-988-99667-0-6

    The 2011 Three Shadows Photography Award Exhibition presents the work of 20 of China’s most exciting young photographers. The theme of this year’s Award, “Myriad Visions”, examines the relationships between society and the individual; private and public personas and the role of photography as both a bridge between these contrasting states and a lens through which to examine them. Through a variety of techniques and subjects, the artists included in this year’s award reveal profoundly personal reflections on the complexities and textures of life in contemporary China and the various strategies that are used to make sense of and negotiate the challenges presented by its rapid transformation.

    The 2011 volume includes introductory articles by Sarah Meister, curator in the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, and Prof. Gu Zheng, Deputy Director of the Fudan University Research Centre for Visual Culture, and professor in the School of Journalism at Fudan University, Shanghai.

    The artists shortlisted for this year’s award include: Chen Zhe (winner); Chu Chu; He Xiaohua; Lian Zhipeng; Lin Zhipeng; Luo Dan; Qi Hong; Qiu Minye; Ren Hang; Shen Linghao; Ta Ke; Wang Xinwei; Wei Bi; Xu Lijing; Yan Zhou, Yang Nannan, Yang Ya; Zhang Hui; Zhou Wei, and Zi Bai.

    The award:
    The Three Shadows Photography Award in Beijing was launched in 2009 to highlight new and emerging photography talent from mainland China. It was co-founded by the photographers Rong Rong and Inri, who, in 2007, also co-founded the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre at Caochangdi, in Beijing. Three Shadows is the only independent institution in China solely dedicated to the study and exhibition of photography.

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