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    Publisher: Three Shadows Press Ltd (2009)
    Category: Exhibition catalogue
    Details: Softcover, dust jacket, 166 plates, 192 pages, 200 x 200 mm
    Languages: English & simplified Chinese

    "One of the most striking revelations of 'Points of Impact' is the growing confidence and sophistication of documentary-style photography in China. These photographers are telling the story of their present period through inventive visual accounts that take us inside the lives of ordinary men and women living in extraordinary times." - Christopher Philips.

    Since 2009, the Three Shadows Photography Award Exhibition has provided a unique platform for some of China’s most exciting young photographers. The theme of the inaugural edition, “Points of Impact”, seeks to highlight the key ideas that are driving the work of this new generation.

    Today, photography plays numerous roles in society. The rise of social media networks such as Douban and Weibo in China, and Facebook and Twitter in the West, have only amplified its importance as a flexible medium through which individuals can convey their own experience of the world. Yet because of its direct relationship with reality, photography is also a valuable tool to record and make sense of the great moments of historic transformation, such as that currently being experienced in China. In response to this, a new generation of Chinese photographers is experimenting with alternative strategies to express these changes.

    The 2009 catalogue includes introductory articles by Christopher Philips, curator at the International Center of Photography in New York, British art historian Karen Smith, Prof. Gu Zheng of Fudan University in Shanghai and Bas Vroege, curator, author and founder of the Paradox Foundation in the Netherlands.

    The 27 artists shortlisted for the 2009 Three Shadows Photography Award are: Thomas F.Ting, Gao Yuan, Huang Jing, Huang Shiyun, Jiang Pengyi, Rraay Lai, Lin Shu, Ling Hua, Liu Ke, Wayne Liu, Liu Yan, Luo Dan, Luo Yang, Ma Qiusha, Ri Yue, Shan Feiming, Sun Yanchu, Tang Nannan, Wei Shenlin, Weng Wei, Xie Gang, Yan Ming, Yu Xiao, Zhang Mengtin and Zhu Hong Ling. The 2009 Three Shadows Award was won by Jiang Pengyi.

    The award:
    The Three Shadows Photography Award in Beijing was launched to highlight new and emerging photography talent from mainland China. It was co-founded by the photographers Rong Rong and Inri, who, in 2007, also co-founded the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre at Caochangdi, in Beijing. Three Shadows is the only independent institution in China solely dedicated to the study and exhibition of photography.
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