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    Edited by John Millichap
    Publisher: 3030 Press (2017)
    Category: Monograph
    Details: Hardcover, dustjacket, 170 colour plates, 224 pages, 310 x 265 mm
    Languages: English and simplified Chinese
    ISBN: 978-988-99384-6-8

    CHEN MAN is China’s most influential and consistently original photographers. Her high-gloss, digitally enhanced images have defined the look of chic New China. This highly anticipated book, the most up-to-date overview of Chen’s pioneering career, brings together more than 170 of the photographer’s most striking and iconic works and underlines her position as a pioneer of China’s creative landscape.

    Beginning in 2003, while still a student at the Central Academy of Arts in Beijing, Chen Man emerged at the vanguard of a new generation of young artists seeking a fresh idea of Chinese creative identity. Over the following years she brought her own brand of eclectic internationalism to the country’s media industry, drawing on a vast store of visual material supplied by pop culture, high fashion, street style and Chinese culture and history. To this she added an instinctive flair for spectacle and grand performance.

    Today she is China’s most in-demand photographer, described in 2013 by CNN Style as China’s answer to Annie Leibovitz. Her photo shoots appear regularly in the pages of the country’s high-fashion glossies, and she is the creator of acclaimed campaigns for numerous international brands and fashion houses.

    This stunning publication presents the culmination of Chen Man’s creative career to date and confirms her position as one of the most important photographers of the 21st century and an artist at the forefront of creative innovation in China.

    About the authors
    ECHO GUO is a writer, journalist and curator specializing in Chinese contemporary photography. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers in China. She lives in Hong Kong.

    JOHN MILLICHAP is the publisher of 3030 Press. He has written widely about contemporary visual culture in Asia. He has lived in China since 1996.

    出版社:3030Press (2017)
    描述:硬精装,封套,170 彩图,224 页, 310 x 265 毫米
    语言:英文 简体中文

    陈漫是中国当代最具影响力的原创摄影师。她的华丽多变的摄影风格及运用后期数码技术的拍摄手法,重新定义了当代中国的时尚形象。本书将陈漫职业生涯中最负盛名的代表作集结成册,收录了超过 170 张经典精彩图片,备受期待。

    2003 年,仍是学生的陈漫,已初露锋芒成为中国年轻一代艺术家追求创意变革的前沿领军人物。随后几年她塑造了一种独具个人风格同时国际化的全新视觉媒体品牌。她從大众传播,流行文化,高级时装,街头风尚以及中国文化与历史中汲取创意灵感的素材,展现出她对宏大题材和视觉奇观天赋的掌控力。

    如今的她是中国最成功的商业摄影师,2013 年,她被 CNN 时尚频道誉为中国版的安妮•莱博维茨。她定期为中国高端时装杂志拍摄时尚大片,还有她为路易威登、迪奥、香奈儿及杜嘉班纳等品牌掌镜的创意广告备受好评。




    米立中 3030 出版社社长,他撰写了大量关于亚洲当代视觉文化的文章。自1996 年定居于中国。

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