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  1. HomeShop.
    WEAR. issue 3

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    Published: HomeShop (2012)
    Details: Softcover, 152 pages, staple binding, 185 x 250 mm
    Languages: English & simplified Chinese
    ISSN: 2078-8691
    Edition of 800 copies

    The third and final edition of WEAR, subtitled “Ballsy”, takes its inspiration from the phrase “你有种” (ni you zhong), literally “to have seed”, and documents a series of events and interventions around Beijing initiated by HomeShop, a unique artists’ collective launched in the Chinese capital in 2008.

    WEAR is the independently published journal of HomeShop, co-founded by the Chinese-American artist Elaine Ho and the Beijing-based artist Xiao Ou Yang. The annual journal combines an artist book and theoretical reader and documents the public activities, discussions and social research organized by HomeShop as well as contributions by artists, writers and residents in the local neighbourhood.

    The Contributors
    9/10, Vincent Bonin, Orianna Cacchione, Michael Eddy, Andrea Francke, Gao Ling, Alex Gibbs, Elaine W. Ho 何颖雅, JING 静远, Gordon Laurin, Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, Mai Dian 麦巅, An Xiao Mina, Jeremy O'Sullivan, Ouyang Xiao 欧阳潇, Qu Yizhen 曲一箴, Stephanie Rothenberg, Emi Uemura, Cici Wang 王尘尘, Dan S. Wang 王念华, Zhang Xianmin 张献民, Zi Jie 子杰.

    About HomeShop
    HomeShop began in 2008 as a storefront residence and artist initiative in Beijing. Located in the centre of the city in one of its old hutong alleyways, its interior space and shop front windows were used as jumping-off points to explore different forms of communication and interaction with the immediate community. The project sparked a variety of interlinked small-scale projects that often converged on issues of public and private and the micro-politics of daily life in the local neighbourhood. In 2010 HomeShop moved to a second space at the Jiaodaokou Beiertiao hutong, also in Beijing. HomeShop finally closed in December 2013.

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