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  1. Liu Yuan.

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    Publisher: Jia Za Zhi Press (2012)
    Category: Limited edition
    Details: Softcover, dust jacket, 56 black & white plates, 64 pages, 185 × 260 mm
    Languages: English & simplified Chinese

    Limited edition of 500 signed & numbered copies
    Includes colour print (151 x 99 mm) unsigned

    Liu Yuan is freelance press and fine art photographer from Hangzhou. The limited edition book Digital Building is his first volume of collected photography and focuses on Liu’s interest in creating abstract narratives in his work using different kinds of subject matter.

    In Digital Building Liu presents exclusively black-and-white images made using a 35mm film camera. This gives loose unity to an otherwise varied body of work that includes landscape, still life, portraiture and unstaged documentary images taken on the streets of Beijing and Hangzhou.

    Very often Liu juxtaposes contrasting images on a two-page spread. In doing so he invites the viewer to make associations between the different kinds of forms; the gentle contours of a young girl’s throat and the heaving mounds and hollows of a traditional Chinese “scholar’s rock”, or the twist of cables on a telegraph pole and the valves of a clarinet.

    In this way Lui says he hopes to create “emotional narratives”, not only between pairs of images but also between sequences of images. The result is a complex play of themes that rise and fall as the viewer turns through the pages of the book, like phrases in a piece of classical music.

    According to Liu his photography is strongly influenced by the work of the Canadian conceptual artist Jeff Wall (b.1946), particularly his idea of “micro gestures” in which apparently incidental details in a picture suggest broader ideas of meaning or intent.

    The artist:
    Liu Yuan 刘垣 (b.1987) was born in Hangzhou and studied environmental design at the Central Academy of Arts in Hangzhou. In 2011 he graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing with an MFA in Photography.

    Liu’s photography has been shown at a number of exhibitions and photo festivals in China. In 2011 the series Digital Building was the subject of a one-man exhibition at M50 Gallery in Shanghai. In 2009 Liu was nominated for the first Annual Three Shadows Photography Award. In November 2011 he won the New Photography Award at the Lianzhou International Photography Festival. He lives in Beijing.

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