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  1. Paul Gladston.

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    Publisher: 3030Press (2015)
    Category: Limited edition monograph
    Details: Slipcase, clothbound hardcover, 248 pages, 222 illustrations including 190 colour plates, 255 x 318 mm
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-989-99384-9-9


    Paul Gladston offers a true critique of Yu Youhan’s art, not only contextualizing his work within its own social and historical background, but also offering a penetrating and insightful reading of its many facets.
    Prof. Frank Vigneron
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Yu Youhan (b.1943) is one of China’s leading artists and a pioneer of contemporary art in China. He first came to international prominence in the early 1990s as a seminal contributor to the painterly genre known as Political Pop. Before then Yu had already established a significant profile in China during the 1980s as a ground-breaking maker of abstract paintings combining aspects of western modernism with traditional Chinese approaches to image-making.

    Since the 1990s Yu has worked through a succession of styles, including hybrid figurative and landscape painting, before returning to the abstract style he first developed in the 1980s.

    This extraordinary diversity has lead Yu’s work to be presented at numerous international exhibitions. In 1993 he was one of 14 Chinese artists to show at the 45th Venice Biennale, the first time contemporary Chinese art had been presented at the festival. In the same year he was included in the ground-breaking exhibitions China Avant-garde, first shown at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, and China’s New Art, Post-1989, which debuted at the Hong Kong Arts Centre and later toured North America. These, among other large-scale survey presentations of the early to mid 1990s are credited with first exposing overseas audiences to China’s surging new art scene.

    This fully illustrated monograph, the first yet published on Yu Youhan, is made in close collaboration with the artist and draws on primary documents and exclusive first-hand interviews to place the artist as a major critical commentator on the shifting political, socio economic and cultural circumstances of contemporary art practice both within and outside China.

    The limited edition Yu Youhan by Paul Gladston is published by 3030Press in association with ShanghArt Gallery, Shanghai.

    About the author
    Paul Gladston is Professor of Contemporary Visual Cultures and Critical Theory, and director of the Centre for Contemporary East-Asian Cultural Studies at the University of Nottingham. From 2005 to 2010 he served as inaugural head of the School of International Communications and director of the Institute for Comparative Cultural Studies at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China. He has written extensively on the subject of contemporary Chinese art with particular reference to the concerns of critical theory.

    His recent book-length publications include Contemporary Art in Shanghai: Conversations with Seven Chinese Artists (2011); a special issue of the Journal of Visual Art Practice, ‘Contemporary Chinese Art and Criticality’, co-edited with Katie Hill (2012), and ‘Avant-Garde’ Art Groups in China, 1979–89 ,(2013). His monograph Contemporary Chinese Art: A Critical History (2014) was awarded Best Publication at the 9th Award of Art China (AAC), 2015.

    • More than 200 illustrations, including unseen paintings made by the artist in the early 1970s, plus recently completed works.
    • The first major critical analysis of Yu Youhan’s career based on documents in the artist’s personal archive and first-hand interviews conducted exclusively for this publication.
    • Foreword by award-winning British art critic and filmmaker Matthew Collings.
    This volume is presented in an exclusive limited edition slipcase of 100 copies only. Each edition signed by the artist.

    Through the lens of a single artist this study opens up perceptive interpretations of an era of critical ideological transformation in China.
    Chang Tsong-Zung
    Director, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong

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